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2•ft Orthotics for Children

Most of you think that foot problem is for adult or senior citizen only. In fact, most of foot problem has been developed since young. The not ideal form of foot bone starts from one’s early year, even since birth. Most people wear Orthotics when they are already adults because the pain is no longer tolerable. If the not ideal form of foot bone was corrected since early year, then they wouldn’t feel all those discomforts.

Not only adults, but also children who experience discomfort related to the not ideal form of foot bone. Unfortunately, most children and parents do not realize that foot problem on children is possible for correction. If your children experience several foot problems such as feeling pain while standing or playing, lacking balance, or standing with hunch posture, it is better for you to check your children’s feet to us since it is possible that those problems are caused by the not ideal form of foot bone.

One of the problems that often occurs is the Flat Foot or Kaki Ceper in Bahasa Indonesia. Flat Foot happens for several possible reasons:

  1. Hereditary: Usually, parents with Flat Foot will have children with the same problem.
  2. Incorrect choice of footwear: The size of your shoes is either too big or too small.
  3. Injury: Any kind of injury inflicted because of accident or while doing sport.

Orthotics that is specifically designed to fit one’s feet will help forming and configuring foot bone to the more ideal form. With Orthotics, your children will gain comfort while standing, walking, and running which obviously will affect their performances on their daily activities. One thing is certain, Orthotics will correct one’s posture to be sturdier.


Wearing Orthotics for children on daily routine will open up the chance for long term correction. Hence, early check up is highly recommended.

Disclaimer : Results vary from individual to another. The information above is for reference only.