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2∙ft Orthotics in FX Mall’s Celebrity Fitness

Jakarta, May 1st 2012. One of the self-introductions of 2∙ft Orthotics to Indonesia people is through an event by Celebrity Fitness located on FX Mall Sudirman, Jakarta on April 30th 2012.

Fitness goers are very enthusiastic with 2∙ft Orthotics’ product. It is so easy to introduce and explain what 2∙ft Orthotics is to the Celebrity Fitness customers who concern truly about their health. The participants are enthusiastic knowing that 2∙ft Orthotics is flexible in nature yet very durable as it is able to sustain their body while doing sport. Furthermore, our product is strong against sudden pressure coming from a high impact movement such as jumping or running, making the customers eager to wear 2∙ft Orthotics while doing sport. With the given features, the sport doers are able to do their favorite training without their 2∙ft Orthotics got snapped or broken.

With 2∙ft Orthotics, sports will be more comfortable. 2∙ft Orthotics indeed gives maximum comfort by perfectly sustaining feet and automatically straightened the back bone structure of the user.

Some people with foot problem will tire out faster or unable to do sport to its maximum point. 2∙ft Orthotics is a big help to maximize sports performance. We are so thankful for Celebrity Fitnessand the 2∙ft Orthotics’ enthusiastic customers.