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2∙ft Orthotics Supports the Healthy Life Movement during Jakarta Sports Week 2012

Jakarta, October 2012. As a part of healthy lifestyle, 2∙ft Orthotics takes part in Jakarta Sports Weeks (JSW) 2012. The event which is focused on FX Sudirman takes place from September 21th until 30th 2012. Aside from visiting the event, people ­are also able to directly participate by attending the many activities provided.

The success of holding the event is all thanks to various communities. Indorunner Communitysupports the Grand Thursday Night Run event, a nightly 5 kilometers running event complete with the glow stick and powder light attributes. The Fixie and Tremorz lovers also hold the fX Night Race on the first night of JSW. Celebrity Fitness refuses to contribute nothing by holding the body combat event. JSW as a combination of sport and lifestyle event attracts sports lovers and healthy life doers.

2∙ft Orthotics as a supporter of healthy life also lights up the event which aims to increase Jakarta people’s awareness to do sport. 2∙ft Orthotics that can be found on the first floor of FX Sudirman attracts quite a number of JSW enthusiasts. 2∙ft Orthotics’ visitors vary, from children to adult.

2∙ft Orthotics is so happy with people’s awareness concerning foot problems especially, say, the flat foot, pronation, bunions, and many others. Based on the free consultation service on our booth, it is discovered that many people with foot problems are possibly healed by orthotics. The number of people who has tried any alternative treatments without so much of a result finally take their chance with 2∙ft Orthotics.

From the interaction between 2∙ft Orthotics and Jakarta people on JSW, it turns out that many people need orthotics as their solution for foot problems. 2∙ft Orthotics is waiting for the chance to see people from another area in the future.