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2-ft Orthotics Participate in Danamon Health Event

Jakarta, May 30 2012. Pain in the spine is considered normal by Indonesian people. If back pain occurs in the elderly, then most people think of back pain as one of the diseases of aging. As for people in the productive age, back pain is usually considered to occur due to wrong habits such as sitting for hours at work. Based on that thought, most of you tried to change the activity or add sport hours to avoid back pain, but the pain is still emerging. If you experience this, the issue is not because of your habit, but probably because your leg bones are less than ideal.

At Danamon Health Talk “Free from Back Pain” event, 2-ft Orthotics explain that one of the causes of back pain in the productive age, and even older children is a form of foot bones that are not ideal. In the event that work with this Medikaloka Clinic Body Fix, 2ft received very high attention due to many new participants aware of the relationship between the spine and leg bones that back pain can be treated with orthotics.

In this event, 2-ft Orthotics will explain the close relationship between the form of your foot bone which incidentally is at the bottom of the body and spine which are located in the upper body. The participants of the event which was held at Graha Surya brass Internusa Building, Jakarta is also consulting with 2ft to find solutions to problems their leg bones. If your back pain problems occur because less than ideal shape leg bone, then 2-ft Orthotics is the best solution.

2-ft Orthotics feels very grateful for the success of this event, especially to Body Fix Clinic Medikaloka and Danamon Bank.