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2-ft Orthotics Stand Crowded by Danamon D’Health Fair Participant

Jakarta, July 13, 2012. 2-ft Orthotics participated at Danamon D’Health Fair event to spread healthy lifestyle virus. At an event which attended by 450 participants, 2-ft Stand crowded by participants who want to get the best solution for correcting imperfections foot bones form them.

In this event, 2-ft explained to the participants about the influence of imperfect leg bone to comfort and overall body health. Many of the participants who do not know that he form of the foot bones can affect posture and performance. At the event which held at the House of Dharma Wanita, Kuningan, Jakarta, 2-ft gives a detailed explanation and provide free consultations to participants.

Participants who consist of men and women and from young to adult are excited to have bone scan. After that, 2-ft staffs will give an explanation and suggestion related with the discomfort experienced by the participants. Our staff will kindly suggest 2-ft Orthotics that are tailored to the unique needs of the participants.