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About Feet Problem

Human skeletal foot is shaped the way it is with 2 ­curves of which function when human stands, walks, and runs. The 2 curves are the front curve known as the metatarsal and the back curve is longitudinal one. The moment the foot is taking a step, hence a joint movement (gait circle) that is full of foot skeletal structure takes place. Many people do not realize that they each have different foot skeletal structure and most are not ideal. Consequently, many discomforts happen during activities.

2ft Orthotic can help solving the shape of foot skeletal-related problems. The shape of the curves must be proportional with one another to be able to function and hold the body perfectly. Since the feet are the body’s foundation, hence any problem related to the feet will spread to the upper body. Thus, no wonder the not ideal foot bone can cause several problems to the upper body such as slouch body posture, backache, many others.

The usually imperfect part is the arch or the curve of the foot, but it is also possible that the other parts are also problematic. The 10 most general problems under the care of 2ft Orthotics can be checked below:

10 Very General Foot Problems