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Customers and Participants’ Enthusiasm toward 2∙ft Orthotics on Line Dance Competition

Jakarta, May 14th 2012. As a professional orthotic, 2∙ft Orthotics is widely known in Singapore. Because of that, actually there are many people have known or at least heard of 2∙ft Orthotics. With more than 20 years of experience, customer’s trust has been a part of 2∙ft Orthotics. It is proven when 2∙ft Orthotics Indonesia attends the Line National Dance Open 2012 event which is held by Pekan Raya Jakarta on May 13th 2012.

Many participants from all over Indonesia joined the competition by the Universal Line Dance and 2∙ft Orthotics gets the attention of not only the participants and the visitors from Jakarta and Java Island, but also those coming from outside of Java. The enthusiasm is quite something.

During the event that is attended by mostly moms and teens, the participants take their time to do a consultation with 2∙ft Orthotics and do some foot scanning for free. Many moms also consider 2∙ft Orthotics for their sons and daughters since 2∙ft Orthotics truly is helping with the growing formation of the feet on children to reach their ideal state.