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2∙ft Orthotics in FX Mall’s Celebrity Fitness

Jakarta, May 1st 2012. One of the self-introductions of 2∙ft Orthotics to Indonesia people is through an event by Celebrity Fitness located on FX Mall Sudirman, Jakarta on April 30th...

Customers and Participants’ Enthusiasm toward 2∙ft Orthotics on Line Dance Competition

Jakarta, May 14th 2012. As a professional orthotic, 2∙ft Orthotics is widely known in Singapore. Because of that, actually there are many people have known or at least heard of...

Minimize Body Pain with 2-ft Orthotics

Jakarta July 3, 2012. “2-ft Orthotics is made for all people” is one of the lines which implied when we saw participants of Danamon Health Talk "Minimizing the Pain". The...

2-ft Orthotics Participate in Danamon Health Event

Jakarta, May 30 2012. Pain in the spine is considered normal by Indonesian people. If back pain occurs in the elderly, then most people think of back pain as one...

2-ft Orthotics Stand Crowded by Danamon D’Health Fair Participant

Jakarta, July 13, 2012. 2-ft Orthotics participated at Danamon D'Health Fair event to spread healthy lifestyle virus. At an event which attended by 450 participants, 2-ft Stand crowded by participants...

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