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Minimize Body Pain with 2-ft Orthotics

Jakarta July 3, 2012. “2-ft Orthotics is made for all people” is one of the lines which implied when we saw participants of Danamon Health Talk “Minimizing the Pain”. The event which was held on July 3, 2012 at Graha Sentra Mulya, Kuningan, Jakarta are mostly attended by the productive age level.

Problems with the leg bones can indeed occur at any age and are strongly advised to give early attention. Wearing 2-ft Orthotics since kid may open up the possibility of permanent correction, so the children can grow with perfect ideal posture. 2-ft educates the participants with complete information about the formulas to minimize the pain of the body that is still associated with bone shape leg imperfections.

At this event, the participants take turns to consult with 2-ft Orthotics. Participant’s feet scanned using a special tool and the scans were analyzed to determine participant’s type of foot. From the results of this analysis, 2-ft can determine the size and design of orthotics which required for each participant, because we know that each person have a different foot bones. The success of this event is fully supported by Danamon and outstanding participation from the participants.