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Welcome to the Website of 2-ft Orthotics Indonesia

2•ft (read: two feet) is a company engaged in orthotics or foot aids that has experienced more than 20 years in Singapore. 2-ft is now present in Indonesia with still using Canada technology to ensure the quality of our products. Our orthotics is very different when compared to orthotics from other products in the market because it is made specifically tailored to the shape of the foot of each customer. 2-ft Orthotics is the right solution to establish and re-align the foot bones palms toward a more ideal and overcome the effects of not ideal bones of the foot soles shape.


2-ft Orthotics required by all persons having pains in the feet due to the form of your foot bone is less than ideal, such as flat feet, supination, eyelets, heel pain, and so forth. The explanation of the common issues addressed by 2-ft Orthotics can be found here.

Many problems and inconveniences that may arise as a result of foot bones form a less than ideal as for example pain when walking or standing for long. Based on the data, 70% of people with back pain most likely to have problems with their feet because every part of the body relate to each other.


Quality materials and professional system of 2-ft Orthotics is perfect combination to give the solution for your FOOT problem. Get more information on our pages and immediately went to 2-ft Orthotics outlets to check your feet and get a free consultation.